Toymunkey Red Pyramid Thing Video Review & Interview

Posted By: Whitney   April 7th, 2013 | 7:44 pm

I got my hands on the new Red Pyramid Thing statue by Toymunkey this week! Check out my video review and interview with Toymunkey Studios below!


Silent Hill Historical Society: The packaging on the statue is really amazing. I love the use of the 9 red saves for the window. You even had Masahiro Ito paint a a brand new RPT piece especially for this packaging. How did that come about?

Toymunkey Studios: Both Gecco Corp and Toymunkey Studios have a deep understanding and passion in regards to working with “original” creators of popular icons in Movies, Games, and Pop Culture. As we are also Silent Hill fans, it was a “golden opportunity”​ and great pleasure to hear of Mr. Ito’s interest and cooperation. He was incredible to work with! We plan to expand further into other categories to complement and distribute his amazing work.

SHHS: I also like how his art is included with the little card showing the number or the particular RPT! I was wondering though why isn’t the lot number also included on the bottom of the statue?

TS: First of all, we wanted to implement a new feature in the collectible world. This was intended to be a “surprise”, and you may have noticed that the editions are all randomly packed. This way, like Silent Hill itself, the edition number itself is shrouded in mystery! This “random” feature means that edition #00001 is out there somewhere, waiting for one lucky collector. We hope you enjoy this tiny extra, it really is a unique an original way to number collectibles.

SHHS: The RPT statue is a lot lighter than I expected! What exactly is he made out of?

TS: It only seems lighter in comparison to other materials (ex: Resin/Poly-stone) that you might be used to, but in reality it’s really a very substantial piece. If you compare it to PVC items only a few years back, it would actually feel “heavier” and strangely not completely “hollow” unlike previous PVC products.​ The RPT is designed specifically to be the “next generation” of High Quality PVC combined with a special ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) coating inside guaranteeing minimal chance of form loss unlike purely PVC products. This piece is manufactured using the very latest technology, and should maintain it’s shape and integrity perfectly for a lifetime.

Sure, we could have used Polystone or resin, but both of those materials are prone to breakage and are very fragile. We didn’t want collectors to run the risk of breaking off one of the fine details, or having the piece crack or become damaged if dropped. For these reasons, we decided to use a more cutting edge and innovative manufacturing process. We wanted to guarantee that no one will receive a broken statue in the mail, ever. As fans and collectors ourselves, we wanted to make something that we would display in our own homes, and I believe we’ve accomplished that. Using this new technology,we are able to capture 100% of the original sculpture’s detail, while adding durability and higher quality.

SHHS: I’ve seen some discussions from fans on my Silent Hill collector group who’ve received their Japanese import of the statue make the claim that because it doesn’t weigh a lot it’s not really made from a high quality material?

TS: Contrary to popular belief, this new process is actually MORE expensive to produce than a resin piece. The idea of weight = quality shouldn’t be related to the old way of thinking. All artists and fans alike should agree, that what you pay for is the quality and durability, as well as the artistic dynamic of the sculpture and paint application. It’s not the weight or even size sometimes for that matter. Fans will also agree that the detail captured is true to the prototype resin sample sculpture we displayed at SDCC2012.

SHHS: I’m amazed at all the paint details in this statue! How long and was it difficult to finalize this paint job?

TS: Thank you. It took several hundred extra hours dedicated to get the paint and details just right. The attention to detail is unparalleled among some of the greatest production standards with the top level of production out there. As our debut product, we wanted to make sure the collector feels completely satisfied with their purchase. When Silent Hill fans see their new stature for the first time,the look on their face makes it all totally worth it.

SHHS: I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately regarding RPT release dates. It’s been out in Japan a couple months now, what’s been the hold up here in the States and in Europe. When can fans expect to receive their pre-orders?

TS: Maymegyorai(Japanese Distribution) and they’re partners are responsible for catering to the “hard core”​ fans who wanted to pre-order despite shipping costs to get their RPT or Bubble Head Nurse directly from the first available shipping outlet: Japan. ​​

​Toymunkey Studios is responsible for the distribution for the rest of the world and that can be logistically complicated. Without delaying the release while also keeping the RPT affordable for the rest of the world, we incurred a small delay. Add that in with the Christmas Season among other major holidays in Asia in Jan/Feb, plus newly implemented US import laws in 2013, it caused a small delay. The good news is that the US import “formalities” are over and we expect the BHN quite soon without any additional delays.

The RPT is being shipped out now. You can expect your favorite retailer to have him in stock any time now.​​

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused. You can expect more synchronized release dates as worldwide outlets confirm ordering/shipping schedules. Believe us, we know how satisfying it is to receive new collectibles, especially if its early.

SHHS: If fans haven’t heard anything regarding their order can they contact Toymunkey directly?

TS: Of course! We are here for our customers, feel free to contact us anytime! We will be happy to assist in any way we can.

SHHS: I’ve seen that unpainted and un assembled kits of the statue are being sold in Japan right now. Can we expect similar kits of RPT to be marketed and available here as well?

TS: Yes, absolutely. We plan to make a limited run for model kit fans and they will be “100% made in the USA”​. It’s the same exact kit as they are both made from the 1st generation sculpture (Yes, the original RPT sculpture is here in the USA!) These kits will be available at select outlets and also directly from TMS. Expect more on this in the coming weeks.

SHHS: Toymunkey recently revealed that a RPT holding a Mannequin will be exclusive at this year’s Comic Con. Can we expect any additional RPT variants any time soon?

TS: We can’t thank fans enough for the support of the RPT Statue. As mentioned at comic-con last year, we are committed to meeting and exceeding the consumer’s expectations. If there is another RPT variant, you can be sure that even if you own the previous version(s), you will definitely want to add it to your collection! We are ALWAYS thinking of more awesome products.

I want to send a big thank you to Toymunkey Studios for the opportunity to review this statue and answering all my questions :) I can’t wait to see what new Silent Hill merchandise they have in store!

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