(Rumor) A Possible Silent Hill: Revelation Ending Spoiler?

Posted By: Whitney   March 29th, 2011 | 5:09 pm

The movie has only just begun filming and there’s already rumors about how the movie ends. In case any of you don’t want to see any sort of spoiler true or false I’ll put this under a spoiler tag.

According to favouritez, who provided the first shots of Heather in her full costume they believe they saw the ending scene to Silent Hill Revelation being filmed. They describe the possible ending as below:

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He just outside. They’re filming another scene, with Kit Harrington as well. So that actor is confirmed regardless of what IMDB says.

*Possible Spoiler*

I have a strong feeling this scene is the end of the movie, as the set is the entrance/exit of the town and they’re walking towards the bridge (Heather and Kit’s character). They also appear to be a couple (holding hands). He’s wearing jeans and a gray suit vest over a white shirt with rolled up sleeves. Heather is still in her costume but it is much dirtier than in previous scenes.

So Heather and Vincent may be an item? And to think I was joking about Kit playing Heather’s boyfriend in the last Silent Hill Experienced Podcast. Hmm I’m not sure about this it really comes down to what they do with this new and younger Vincent character. If he’s just as an asshole as he is in Silent Hill 3 I can’t see Heather getting with him unless he gets a personality change…

Source (IMDB)

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